Management and Analytics Experience

Work Experience

Tutor Doctor – Toronto, ON.

  • Project coordinator in new website development for Australian market.
  • Analyzed and reported on Lead Generation programs for franchisees in Ontario, Alberta, & BC.
  • Delivered SEO and PPC Analysis upon request from franchisees in Canada, USA, and UK.

Nahualli Folklore – Vancouver, BC.

  • Migrated, redesigned and developed a brand new website, including logo redesign, in 2 weeks.
  • Managed Google Ads campaigns, growing from 0 to 2 qualified leads/wk, during low season.
  • Performed SEO revamp, lifting website ranking from 8th to 1st place in 9 key searches.

Latincouver – Vancouver, BC.

  • Developed new Digital Strategy combining SEO and Social Media growing website traffic by 10%.
  • Managed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts via Hootsuite.
  • Managed Google Analytics reports and monitored engagement metrics on Social.

Omnicom Media Group – Ecuador.

  • Performed as Pitch Team Leader for local acquisition of new regional and global clients.
  • Led local implementation of global data management platform for Campaign Optimization.
  • Delivered Ad Investment monthly reports to the corporate stakeholders.

OMD – Miami, FL.

  • Planned Regional TV and Digital campaigns for Nokia Latam, $250K each.
  • Controlled budget across Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina, $5M total.
  • Managed vendors: Disney, ESPN, Discovery, Fox, Turner, and Warner TV Networks.

OMD – Ecuador.

  • Worked local media plans and strategies based on global and regional marketing plans.
  • Developed TGI Analysis (consumer behaviour) reports.
  • Delivered local Competitive Reports for global and regional clients.
  • Developed customized performance reports for local clients.

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